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Burnaby Auto Repairs and Maintenance

Regular maintenance of your vehicle is an investment that ensures the car is running and operating efficiently. The repairs become necessary over time to replace any parts. The wear and tear are inevitable over time with continued use of the vehicle.

Conducting repair and maintenance services on your vehicle assures continuity and durability and is also cost-effective in the long run. At Burnaby Auto Repairs and Maintenance, we are committed to offering you the best customer experience with essential expert services.

Automotive services that we offer include the following;


The transmission of your vehicle should always be at its optimum. It is quite hard to determine the exact cause of transmission failure. And that’s why we are here to help you out. The transmission of your car is currently digitized, and we have the tools to diagnose and fix the issues that may be causing the problems. We offer maintenance and inspections such as on-board computer scans, visual inspections, fluid checks, and a road test.

We offer you expertise by conducting in-car repairs and adjustments, especially for digitized cars. We also provide throttle cable adjustments if your transmission system is non-computer controlled. We trust our experts to perform re-seal repairs for external transmission fluid leaks, replace any accessible parts, and conduct a complete overhaul to get to the root of the problem.

Brake Service and Repairs

The vehicle’s braking system is one of the most crucial systems your car has. It is a vital determinant of your safety when you get behind the wheels. This system must be adequately maintained and serviced to give you optimal services. We take your security as our primary concern and ensure that the brake system standards are not compromised.

Our technicians have training in carrying out diagnosis, inspection, and repairing the brake systems of all car models. They are efficient in brake adjustments, and repair of anti-lock braking systems. In case you need shoe replacement, line replacement, or replacement of your master cylinders to regulate fluids in your car system efficiently, we have you covered.


Mon-Fri: 8:00am – 5:00pm
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7797 Edmonds St,  #3B

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Wheel Alignment

When your wheel alignment is off, your safety and that of the car is compromised. This factor may lead to your vehicle lacking balance on the road and leaning on one side. We have alignment experts who can fix this problem with great expertise and precision. It would be best if you continuously got the vehicle’s alignment checked as the problem is not always visible to you when you are driving.

Whenever your vehicle has alignment issues, it affects many more components that may not be visible to you. The alignment issue may cause elements of the steering to quickly wear. It is essential to avoid the cost of these cumulative repairs by visiting us, and our technicians will re-align your wheels.


It is the work of the tires to make sure that you get where you are going. They quickly wear off with continued use. Several factors determine the duration of time the tire takes before it completely wears out. These factors include the alignment of your vehicle, the quality of the tire that you bought, and the rate at which the tread wears out. Other factors may be the type of vehicle, and the frequency of rotations.

Our technicians have the equipment and the much-needed expertise in balancing, installing, and advising on the best type for your use and vehicle model. They are also the best in the market with proven quality, durability, and excellent performance for every season and purpose. You also get the advantage of benefiting from our offers.

Air Conditioning

AC is an essential feature in your car. A damaged AC is, at times, taken lightly as a problem that is not critical. An AC that is damaged or broken down could cause a lot of harm if you do not take it for repair or maintenance. The refrigerant is a liquid that leaks out when an AC system is damaged. This liquid can cause immeasurable damage to your car’s compressor and evaporator. It is also harmful to the environment.

We have technicians certified in handling AC systems and provide you with all repairs, services, and care that you may need. The technicians have training in handling hoses, seals, and the O-rings that are instrumental in giving you the best AC experience. They will stop any leakages and replace any worn-out component to get your system up and running.


The suspension of your vehicle includes several components aligned to work together for you to have accurate steering. When your steering becomes unpredictable and uncontrolled, the results may be catastrophic. Our experts offer this services to ensure the systems and integrated components are effective and seamlessly working.

Our experienced technicians work to check that the ball joints don’t wear off rapidly. They also check the workings of the end links, lateral links, trailing arms, control arms, and tie rods. They ensure that the bushings can absorb the impact of bumps and reduce friction and noise. You need to come to our routine maintenance services and experience the change.

Belts and Hoses

Do you know that your vehicle’s hoses and belts have a mileage limit before they start wearing out? Yes, these components’ design is to last up to around 60,000 miles generally. When you surpass limits higher than these, it raises a safety concern. Our experts are here to ensure that nothing jeopardizes your safety while driving.

We will conduct a complete diagnosis to check for any signs of wear and tear as a broken belt can lead to the destruction of the entire engine system. The experts will check for any leaks that may occur within the hoses that may have disastrous results. They will also ensure that maintenance and repairs conducted through visual checkups and in-depth analysis are desirable.

Oil Changes

When was the last time you changed your car’s oil? Don’t be shocked; changing the oil of your vehicle often has a lot of benefits. Our experts offer this service conveniently and effectively to ensure that we give you the best quality oil for the best experience. Regular oil changes ensure that your engine is running correctly and has a longer life span.

Your vehicle comprises several moving parts, and the engine oil offers the much-needed lubrication. Failure to change your engine oil will lead to friction or a lock-up. Our expert technicians will conduct a diagnosis of your vehicle to check the moving parts and the oil filters. We will also replace your car’s oil with the best quality to ensure less fuel consumption and durable service.

Safety Inspections

The overall safety of your vehicle should be one of your highest considerations and concerns. Our safety experts have varied skills and competencies, and they can conduct inspections on the car. The advantage of having an optimal integrated system is that the parts augment each other’s functionality.

Our safety and security experts use the latest technologies to check the safety status of your vehicle. It covers the steering wheel and mechanism, chassis, brakes, lights, bumpers, exhaust systems, and many more. Make a date with us to conduct an in-depth inspection of your vehicle’s safety. We also offer you discounts on these comprehensive safety inspections because we value you.

Computer Diagnostics

The modern vehicles in the market use components that need a digital diagnosis. These systems are effective and allow for more power in the vehicle’s functionality. Conducting diagnosis is not easy, especially for untrained individuals. And that is where we come in. We will let you know what the problem is and go a mile to resolve it for you.

Our technicians use the most sophisticated computer diagnostic tools to inspect, diagnose, and offer the right service to your vehicle. Our technicians can fix the problems and also reset the computer settings. They are trained and skilled in all models of cars for your diagnostic needs.


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